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They Grow Up Too Fast

Above: My Sweet Nick June 2008

Above: Ben just the other day

Above: Ben on his 1st birthday

You often hear me refer to my boys, Nick and Ben, but I haven't posted any pictures on here that I can recall.

I'd like to talk a little bit about my guys while I have some time. Ben is playing right now with his Matchbox cars. Nick is at preschool. He attends a preschool 3 blocks away three half-days per week.

It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with Nick. I honestly do not know where the time has gone. Nicholas will be FIVE in September. He will also start kindergarten.

Ben, the baby, is going to be THREE on June 23rd. I am busy planning his party. I am doing a theme completely out of my element, but it's what he wants! Benjamin loves anything farm related and cowboy related. He asked for a "tractor" party, so we're doing the John Deere-themed party and I plan to decorate his cake with farm animals and little green tractors.

I am in awe of the boys each and every day. Ben is fiercely independent. He is WILD. He is constantly on the go, never staying down for a nap. From 8am until about 7pm, he is a ball of energy. He is rough and tumble all the way--he likes to collect bugs and play in the dirt.

Nick, on the other hand, is a little gentleman. He holds the door for the girls at preschool and has a "girlfriend". He is what many call an "old soul". He has a gentle nature and is quite sensitive. He would rather sit and read a book (and he does read already, and so well--I am very, very proud of him) than play in the mud. He is extremely inquisitive and comes up with some unusual remarks: "Do you think they have telescopes in Japan?", "If 5 plus 3 equals 8, then why does 4 plus 4 also equal 8?" These questions come from out of the blue...

He reflects on almost everything and is just rather calm and quiet...a bit reserved, but ever so charming.

Benjamin, on the other hand, will yell and say things that make me red in the face. One day last week we were out shopping and I was looking at bras. Ben looked at me and started yelling "BOOBY COVERS! MOMMY STOP LOOKING AT BOOBY COVERS!!!!! MOMMY HAS BIG BOOBIES AND NEEDS A BOOBY TRAP!" I was mortified and my fellow shoppers were giggling. Another day we were in TJ Maxx and Ben saw a woman wearing a cowboy hat as an accessory (not necessarily the norm here). He pointed at her and yelled "MOMMY! A REAL COWBOY! LOOK EVERYONE! A COWBOY!". He will say things more loudly if he senses that he is getting a rise out of me, which is almost daily.

There is no greater joy in my life than my boys. They have taught me so many lessons and I have learned about what matters most in life. An almost 3 year old and a preschooler are my greatest teachers.

Graduation for Nick is coming on June 13th. We have a luau party the next week with his class and then he's done for the summer. I just cannot believe that he's finishing up preschool already. He and his brother are growing up way too fast....