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Shop 'til You Drop and Help Animals In Need!

Above: Buddy

Above: Cannon (age 4)

As you know, there has been massive devastation in the Iowa floods.

Sometimes we forget that our four-legged friends are affected by weather-related tragedies as well.

A wonderful woman named Brooke S. has organized a massive fundraising campaign--a charity auction to benefit the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter.

This auction begins tomorrow and features dozens of wonderful items from etailers and other shop owners.

kzm Facial Care Boutique is pleased to participate. I have donated 4 wonderful collections:

*A $92 Pink Sugar Lover's Body Collection (includes 6 body creams and 6 Eau de Parfums in my custom Pink Sugar blends in a wicker basket)

*A $67 Facial Care Collection (includes 9 full-size facial care products)

*A $20 Hair Care Trio (features shampoo, conditioner and hair mist scented in Marshmallow Vanilla Cake)


*A $17.50 collection of VANILLA BEAN NOEL blends in Solid Perfume form

I have been on the website looking at some wonderful items to bid on! Remember that 100% of the proceeds of this auction will benefit displaced animals.

I am a dog lover. My first dog was Brandie, a feisty Golden Retriever. I remember her knocking me over when I was 2 or 3. We then had a dog, King. He was a mut, and he was not ours. He always wandered to our house from a family's home several houses away. He spent the days at our house, and many nights...he was just looking for affection.

Hershey was a black Cocker Spaniel, whom I adored. We got him when my big brother went off to college. I was 12. Hershey was a wonderfully loyal and loving dog. He passed away when I was in my early 20s.

Tom and I adopted Buddy from Lollypop Farm, our local Humane Society, when we first moved in together. Buddy was our first "baby". He was also a black Cocker--loyal, loving, and a devoted companion. Buddy passed away before Christmas 2006 and is sorely missed even today.

We went back to Lollypop Farm on August 18th, 2007 to adopt Cannon. He is an 85 pound German Shepherd with a big heart. He is a baby still, even at the age of 4. He loves the boys and likes to cuddle. He is family, like the others have been.

Please remember that there are dogs (and cats if you're a cat person) at shelters across the country who need your help every single day. Remember the Humane Society in your will. Send a check once a year....drop off food and toys for animals awaiting a loving home. Little things like this are appreciated in big ways!

The auction begins WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25th at noon Pacific (so 3pm EDT).

Here is the site: