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"Sex and the City" for "Tired in the Suburbs"

I love the dress Miranda is wearing in the above pic!

Yes, everyone has been talking about Sex and the City and with good reason. SATC was my favorite tv show ever (even more than Friends).

SATC came into my living room a year after college. At that time I was pretty much living the SATC life, only in a much smaller city. I was a working woman spending almost all of her paychecks on great shoes and clothes (what was left after my portion of rent and student loans). I worked all day (for Estee Lauder) and stayed out late. Tom and I were together a year at that point, but we loved to go out and never got more than about 4 hours of sleep because we were young and having fun was the name of the game. There really were no responsibilities and frequent shopping trips and nights out at clubs were only natural.

Fast forward to Season 6. We were living in the city still--but the season finale was spent exhausted with baby Nicholas, and hundreds of boxes taped up and getting ready to move into our new house in the suburbs. I watched the finale wearing flannel pj bottoms and a t shirt folding baby onesies. What a difference!

I mourned the loss of SATC. I really could relate to each woman on some level. Carrie was my favorite. I adore Sarah Jessica Parker in general. Charlotte and I are so similar in that she still believes in the fairy tale--of Prince Charming, a happy home with the pitter patter of little feet and cute dogs. She has an innocence about her and is a romantic. I am very much that way.

I wish I had Samantha's blunt confidence. I am like her in some ways, but privately ;)

Miranda is the one I related to the least. I think the only way I see myself as being similar to her is the fact that she can appear somewhat cold or even bitchy, but with a big heart deep down. I am that way when you first meet me, but once you get to know me I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I could not wait for this movie to hit the big screen. I was so excited about it. I wanted to go Friday night when it opened here, but couldn't. I planned to go Saturday with my friend next door. She hadn't watched the series and wasn't really interested in the movie. Another friend wanted to "wait until the crowd died down". I couldn't wait!

I wasn't going to drag Tom there with me, so I took matters into my own hands and did something I have never done before--went ALONE.

Saturday was crazy. The boys were, how do I put this nicely? They were pains in the arse all day. Nick was in time out a good portion of the morning for taking the scissors from the bathroom cabinet and cutting holes in his bedroom curtains. Note to self: do not buy curtains at Pottery Barn for Nick ever again. He lied and said Cannon (our dog) bit all of the gashes in the curtains...the same way he said that his spilled lemonade was Cannon lifting his leg.

Ben was just a wild little money. I was so tired and I just needed a break.

I looked at Tom and said, "I am going to the movies. See you in about 3 hours."

He looked at me and thought I was joking. I got into my hot Swarovski crystal embellished minivan (kidding, of course) and drove to the local Regal Cinema. I got in line, and for the first time since I was a teenager going to "Jurassic Park" with my friends, said "One ticket, please".

I thought I'd feel like a dork for going alone, but what a great time it was! For the first time in YEARS, I was able to sit alone without someone jumping on me, talking in my ear, or sticking their little fingers in my popcorn. It was bliss, I tell you!

I sat alone and didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I watched the movie and became totally engrossed in the story. I loved the movie. I know it didn't get great reviews, but it was great in my opinion. Carrie and Big together are fantastic and I wanted a happy ending...I felt it was heart-wrenching (I think we have all felt the way Carrie did in Mexico at some point), yet so joyful as well. I loved (most) of the clothes, especially Miranda's black and cream very mod dress. I can totally see myself in that. I have no where to wear it the playground? Dropping Nick off at preschool? Planting flowers in my garden? Getting groceries at Wegmans? You get the idea...

Anyway, I want to see it again because it made me so happy to see my favorite ladies on the big screen....