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More Soap from Aunt Nancy's; Cleanse Your Soul Thoughts

I just placed an order from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps again on Etsy. As I have stated before, I will never try another soaper after finding Nan. She is committed to making her soaps without palm oil and if I am not mistaken everything right down to the colorants are 100% natural.

I just finished my Peppermint Chocolate bar from Nancy (this is THE BEST ever) and the boys are using their layered blue Black Raspberry Vanilla bar still. I use her bar with coffee grounds on the back of my thighs to boost circulation and maintain radiance.

I have been venturing out of my scent comfort zone as of late. I used to be a strictly bakery-scented kind of girl. I am craving citrus scents lately, so I decided to try 2 new citrus bars and one I know I will love, Island Coconut. The two other bars I ordered are and Citrus Delight and Oatmeal Honey with Grapefruit.

I always buy the 3-bar pack of soap for $12. With shipping my order came to $16.90. The great thing about Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps is that you will undoubtedly receive stellar customer service, fast shipping, a beautiful bar of soap, and a soap of the highest quality.

As I stated, I am on a major citrus kick. Today is the perfect "citrus" day--94 and humid. I made myself a lemon, coconut & almond dry oil spray this AM and used what was left of my Crater Lake Company conditioner in London Lemon Curd. I washed my hair with my kzm Healthy Locks Shampoo in Coconut Lemon Cake. I also have recently been going through my Aloha Coconut Island Pearl Body Wash in Iced Tea Twister.

In the past couple of weeks, I have received a couple of etailer orders as well.

First of all, on May 27th I received my Cleanse Your Soul order. I ordered a sampling of paraben-free items (just ask Judy which ones are free of parabens and she will let you know). Of what I have tried, I can tell you that I really like the Creamy Oil. It is great to use after the shower when you don't want anything heavy afterwards. I like the Rachel Goes Pink scent! Very nice for summer!

On June 3rd I received my April 7th order from Isle of Eden. It was for several roll ons (as if I need more, LOL) and an Eden's Mist spray (same thing--don't need more!). I do like the scents I ordered, but when I ordered, it was in the 30s here, so I was wanting warmer, foody scents. I am not interested in these right now, so I just put the order in the drawer of my vanity and will take it out on the early fall. I know I will enjoy the scents when it is fall! I have to say I like the packaging better with this order, too. The bottles and caps are a great lime green for summer.

Just a final note: it is HOT here today. Sticky, HUMID and hot...truth be told, it reminds me of a day in Savannah! Today is the first HOT and HUMID day trying a natural deodorant. I applied Spa Therapy Works Natural Deodorant in Lemon Meringue at 6am. It is 4:30pm and still going strong. This stuff is divine! Find it for $6.25 on Etsy. I am pondering my 4th vegan stick from them right now....maybe Green Tea & Cucumber?