Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

kzm is Having a YART sale!

No, it's not a typo! It's Etsy's first annual YART SALE through June 20th and I finally had a chance to put up some great specials.

A YART Sale is a Yard Sale with Art, and if you stop by my Etsy shop, you'll find some awesome deals!

*HEALTHY LOCKS 100% NATURAL SHAMPOO is on sale for only $4.25!


*FACIAL CLEANSING OIL is on sale for $4!

*HEALTHY LOCKS GOAT'S MILK PROTEIN HAIR MIST is only $3.95 (for a great hair mist-- that's a stellar bargain)!

*ROLL ON EAU DE PARFUM is 50% off during YART! That is 3 bucks a piece. Choose from JOJOBA OIL, CYCLOMETHICONE, or ARTISAN'S ALCOHOL for your base.
What else is new in my Etsy shop?

fans are going to adore my 5 piece Solid Perfume gift set featuring 5 custom Pink Sugar blends. You will receive 5 great perfumes for $15!

VANILLA BEAN NOEL lovers will delight in my exclusive VBN-blend 5 piece set of perfumes as well. Also $15 for 5.

I have added DRY OIL SPRAY which is the only product with silicone I will sell.

My FOOT TREAT-MINT is here! It's an all-natural portable foot balm in your choice of 7 scents.

Look for GOAT'S MILK BODY LOTION to return for a very brief time. I made up several for teacher gifts and graduation gifts here and made extras to put on Etsy.

Also returning only for a short time will be some soy tarts and candles. I won't be bringing back wax items to the internet. I am only now beginning to enjoy burning them again. After making so many for such a long time, I could hardly smell them anymore and the process was causing my sinuses to be in an unpleasant state. I did make up many tarts and candles over the weekend for gifts and made some of my best-selling scents (from Flour City Bakery and Northfield Road Gifts) to sell for a limited time. I will list these by July.

Today Nicholas had his preschool graduation. They also put on a musical extravaganza for us. Nick is such a ham and quite the performer. He sang with lots of gusto and stopped mid-song to say, "HI GRANDMA!" and wink at her ;)

If you haven't stopped by my Etsy shop today, I'll tell you now about my WEEKEND GWP!
To celebrate Nick's graduation, I am giving a free SOLID PERFUME in Nick's Lemonade Stand to all people spending $15 or more. Nick adores pink lemonade, whether it be to drink or sniff. This is a true pink lemonade scent.

Next weekend, I will have a similar GWP in my Ben's Birthday Cake scent because my BABY is going to be 3. How is that possible?