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Good Luck, Jen!

I wanted to take a moment to wish a friend the best of luck in all of her future endeavors. Jennifer Savino is the great woman behind Aloha Coconut, which I have mentioned a couple of times in my blog. Not only did Jen have a nice business going (and she was great at what she did), but she had outstanding customer service skills and great paraben-free bath items.

I am proud to consider her my friend.

I received an email from her today saying that she has decided to close up her business. I understand where she is coming from. It's a hard balance sometimes until you find your groove. Sometimes closing up shop, whether temporarily or permanently, is the best decision. It's hard to let go of something you've worked so hard on, and I am know she didn't make this decision lightly.

I remember what a very hard decision it was to close Flour City Bakery last June (a year already). I poured my heart and soul into my business, but at a great cost to my family and myself. You can only get by on 3 hours of sleep and be there completely for two toddlers for so long. The passion for what I did became lost somewhere down the line. That is OK, though. I have said before that life is the greatest learning experience, as we learn about others and ourselves daily. I've made mistakes and learned from them. I learned to find balance in my life once again--especially when I had time again to get back to my reiki practice. Sometimes you just have to take time to figure things out. I am in my 30s and still learning what is best for myself. Once you find your groove, it is a great feeling. It took time and kinks to work out, but I have found where I belong--by doing something I can say I love.

Back to my feelings on Jen's closing...

Good luck to you, Jen! Best of luck in everything you choose to pursue! I am surely going to miss your Island Pearl Body Wash :) You're a motivated, kind gem of a person who deserves to be happy.

Cheers to you and best wishes!