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Found: The Perfect Foundation/Powder Combo!

First off, I would like to thank Valerie (lipglossina from the blog Beauty Musings) for her review of Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Pressed Powder! It is simply wonderful.

I used to use mineral makeup exclusively. My "perfect" combination was Everyday Minerals Intensive Mineral Foundation in a shade called Golden Fair paired with my homemade finishing powder. This is what I have used for a long time.

As I have gotten older, my skin has changed. Mineral makeup is no longer perfect for me. I can actually go LIGHTER in texture/coverage now for an even more naturally polished look. My skin is in great condition and I have switched to a liquid tinted moisturizer again! I used to use one from Paula's Select, but it wasn't that great. The Avon company mark. makes a decent one, but the ingredients are no longer meeting my requirements.

I recently found my PERFECT formula: SMASHBOX SHEER FOCUS in Fair. It is paraben-free and delivers a soft-focus look. It is not shiny, glides on beautifully, and gives a light enough coverage to conceal my redness in the looks like my own skin, but better. For reference, I apply this with my Cat Cosmetics Taklon Brush.

The cost? $30. It is worth it. I adore it!

What do I set it with? I have been using the Physician's Formula in Translucent Light since I read Lipglossina's review. She was right. It is awesome. The texture is silky and light. I would equate it to the texture of Lancome Dual Finish. This is a high-end caliber powder. I apply this with my Cat Cosmetics Sesameow Brush. The damage? I paid only $6 for this after a manufacturer's coupon plus an additional savings with my CVS Extra Care card.

My skin has been looking really good on its own, but these two products keep it looking extra good! It is great knowing that I have two great products in my arsenal that I will continue to buy! As long as my skin stays this way, I can consider these two products "Holy Grail" status products (if only I could find an HG mascara!).