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Another TEENSY Order and Some Random Thoughts...

So I need to refrain from reading email while the boys are napping...

A couple hours ago I decided to check my email and found a savings of 17% from Cleanse Your Soul. Yes, I ordered 5 Creamy Oils yesterday....but I caved in this afternoon for a 16 ounce Creamy Dreamy Sugar Scrub.

You see, I mentioned needing to re-order my holy grail sugar scrub: Mad City Soap Whipped Sugar Scrub in a split of Italian Cream Cake and Lemon Meringue. I went to do so, and due to the summer heat, Sue is going to stop selling this product until fall. I should probably whip up my own, but I love MCS scrubs and just don't have nearly as much fun using a scrub if I have to make it up first :)

With the 17%, you can get a whopping 16 ounce scrub for $12.45! This should last a while, but I am horribly addicted to scrubs. In fact, I make a salt scrub for no one but myself and go through a generous container of Mediterranean Sea Salts each month on just me!

Anyway, I decided to order a split of Yellow Marshmallow Cream Cake and Lemon Buttercream Sables. I know I said I am all into the citrus scents now for a change, but when I am taking a bath, I have to scrub with something bakery-inspired. Is that silly? Probably. I don't know why I do night is when I use scrubs, and I gravitate toward the lemon and cake notes at night.

Judy, the owner of Cleanse Your Soul, is having this great 17% off sale for few more days. The discount is reflected at checkout and you don't need to remember any kind of code.

I made a yummy Coconut Lemon Cake whipped bath cream and use that almost nightly, layering with Lemon Meringue, London Lemon Curd, or Coconut scents in general.

Want to make your own bath cream? It is so easy and Crafter's Choice brand from Wholesale Supplies Plus is easy to use and paraben-free! I think I have about 25 bath creams of my own right now. Sounds so silly, but it really is easier to make a giant batch of the stuff. Tip: use Grapeseed Oil in it to prevent any kind of oily feeling. I have tried it with blends of oil, and alone with sweet almond, coconut, shea oil and hemp seed oil. I like grapeseed in this the best!

Speaking of bath creams, I have been working very hard on several local orders (I still sell bath and body to my local customers upon request) for teacher's gift baskets (school ends in another week or so here), graduation gifts, etc...I've made up lots of lotions, creams, bath cream, EDPs, candles and tarts (which I won't do again even for me at home until I'm ready for fall and winter scents) and made double of everything I needed to make. I will be listing some limited edition bath, body and tarts on Etsy in the next couple of weeks. I will do this when I make graduation/teacher gifts and holiday gifts and put them on Etsy twice a year. Look for these soon!