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Another little order to cleanse my soul...from CYS!

In my last blog post I talked about some favorite products, one of them being my Cleanse Your Soul order. I tried a few things and fell in love with her Creamy Oil. This paraben-free product is of unique texture. It is slightly runny, like a very liquidy lotion. Do not let that scare you, ladies! This product is awesome for after the shower on a hot day!

It works double duty, acting as a body oil and a lightweight, nourishing moisturizer.

Here in Upstate NY, it has been unseasonably hot--the 90s with high humidity. I normally use my goat's milk body cream, pure coconut oil, or else Aloha Coconut Aloe Sun Smoothie Lotion after bathing. It has been so hot that I just want a very light coat of moisture to give my arms and legs a silky look.

Cleanse Your Soul Creamy Oil is perfect for this. I apply it right on my skin after the shower while it is still damp. The three in my first order were RACHEL GOES PINK, MARSHMALLOW WEDDING CAKE, and MARTINIQUE. I love Rachel Goes Pink! I emptied that bottle in no time. Marshmallow Wedding Cake cured beautifully and will be great for fall. It truly is an all-season scent, but as I stated in a past blog entry, I am just not loving the bakery scents this spring/summer. I love to smell them, but not wear them right now.

I must be going through a phase, as this has never happened to me before. I usually wear my vanillas, chocolates and cake scents year 'round. I will right now only if I soften them with some lemon or other citrus. I think this is why I love the Lemon Meringue/Italian Cream Cake split Whipped Sugar Scrub from Mad City Soap ( Now that I have typed that, I am reminded that I need to head over there soon and buy another tub of it.

Martinique just did not agree with my chemistry at all, so I swapped it with a friend for an Ulta Shimmering Quartz lipstick (hers was new; it is one of my favorite colors).

Today I decided it was time to place another order for Creamy Oil. I ordered a bigger bottle of Coral Sugar, and then smaller ones of Cactus & Sea Salt, Phenomenal Woman, Tropical Iced Tea, and Yuzu Coconut.

If you're looking for an alternative to lotion, rich creams, and traditional body oils, I highly recommend Judy's Creamy Oil.

I like it in conjunction with a Dry Oil Spray or a Hair & Body Mist, especially on a hot day like today. Of course I am going to recommend my Healthy Locks Hair Mist and my new Dry Oil Spray (coming this week), found in my Etsy shop :)

Best of all, Creamy Oil is very affordable, as are all of Judy's products. If you're on the no paraben bandwagon like I have been for the past 18 months, you will find a handful of items to "cleanse your soul" in Judy's shop.

Want to try several scents? Try the 2 ounce malibu bottles first. They're only $3.50 each, so you can try many different scents!