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Red, White & Blue Bonnet: Joy in the Tub!

This is a LONG overdue review of my order from Red, White and Blue Bonnet on eBay. I had heard several great reviews about this etailer a long while back and Carol's business name stuck in my head. A few weeks ago, I realized I was in need of bath bombs and bubble bars. I used to make my own bath bombs, and while they are nice, I formed them by hand each time and had no patience for the little decorative touches.

The last bubble bars I had were from Lush, and they almost all contain SLS (for the bubbles). They made me itch and I developed irritation on my arms and legs from use. It is hard to find an SLS-free bubble bar. Carol's bubble bars contain a "cousin" to SLS which is derived from coconut oil and much more gentle to the skin. I wouldn't want to soak in it daily because of my easily irritated skin, but when I have the chance for a long bath, it's fine.

Nick and Ben enjoy bath bombs in the tub, so I also let them choose a couple by looking at pictures on the screen of the computer. Here is what we ordered:

Bath Bombs: Birthday Cake, Pink Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Noel, Carnivale, Creme Brulee, and Bamboo Sugarcane. (Carnivale and Bamboo Sugarcane were gifts to a friend.)

Bubble Bars: Wedding Cake, But for Grace, Matin Calin

Let me begin my saying that the selection offered in this eBay shop is wonderful. Carol has an enormous offering of bath products.

I had a 9 item order. Carol's store states that she makes every item to order, and her turnaround time is great. I received my order in about a week or so.

This new to me etailer packed the delicate bath items very well. The box smelled great BEFORE I untaped it. The boys loved the Birthday Cake bath bomb. It fizzed to their liking. AS you may guess, little boys enjoy all sorts of noises, even that of bath bombs. The bath bombs added moisture to the water to nourish everyone's skin without making the tub a greasy mess.

I particularly enjoyed the Vanilla Noel (smells like a Vanilla Bean Noel dupe) bath bomb. My skin felt silky, but not oily. The fragrance was light and non-irritating.

My favorite part of this order, though, was the Bubble Bath Bars. They are FANTASTIC. The Wedding Cake one is a true Wedding Cake scent, which is very hard to find. I use half a bar for each bath, and this provides me with a tub FULL of luxurious and soft bubbles. Tonight I plan a bath with her Amazing Grace dupe.

Red, White & Blue Bonnet is very much an underrated etailer. Carol's customer service is pleasant, the turnaround time was great, and her bubble bars and bath bombs are of the highest quality. She takes great care in making these bath items, and it shows in each and every single tub treat. All are beautiful to look at. I prefer the simpler ones (like my pretty bubble bath bars). I can tell you, however, that the bath bombs were a hit with Nick and Ben because they were highly decorated. If you don't want them fussed over, she does requests and you can ask for them to be left plain.

If you're looking for some very affordable, LARGE, and wonderful bath items, stop over to this great eBay store today!