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Etailer Mania

I have a confession to make. I have been naughty...When I have extra money sitting in my Paypal account, it is as if it is saying "Use me! Order something!"...That could be why my hubby sometimes will change the Paypal password on me.

What a feeling of panic that is. When I go to log in, it will sometimes say "Invalid password". That is Tom's not so subtle way of telling me I don't need anything else. If you read my post below (which was in Wickedly Chic and has now been published in Ezines), Tom is most definitely not a person 2!

Anyway, with that money burning a hole in Paypal, I have succumbed to a couple of lemmings.

Most recently is my first Cleanse Your Soul order. I just paid a few moments ago. A couple years ago I had some of Judy's Eau de Parfum roll ons in a Makeup Alley swap and enjoyed them.

Judy's ingredients are not listed on her site, but I emailed her today to ask her which items were paraben-free. She promptly responded and was very helpful and friendly. Her reputation for her outstanding customer service is well-deserved. I decided to order after reading another CYS rave on Lipglossina's beauty blog called Beauty Musings.

Here is what I ordered: a Body Milk in Peach Charlotte, a Hand Protectant in Warm Apple Cream, and 3 Creamy Oils: Marshmallow Wedding Cake, Martinique and Rachel Goes Pink. I do not like Pink Sugar on its own but have blended a few PS scents and do enjoy it mixed with something else. I am looking forward to trying everything!

I have also placed a couple of Isle of Eden orders. I am semi ticked off at myself for doing so. First of all, the ingredients listed are not that healthful and beneficial for the skin. I ordered and received a Whipped Bath Cream (Chocolate Cappuccino Cake) in a scent that was horrible on me. I adore coffee and coffee scents, but this smelled awful on my skin. This is my own fault, as I know that coffee scents can be tricky with my body chemistry.

I have always been intrigued by Alexa's (IOE's owner) massive scent menu with a great emphasis on bakery blends. I have heard so many comments, both positive and negative about this shop. I have never ordered, and the long turnaround time is a tiny bit off-putting to me. That being said, I believe that one cannot really judge another business fairly without having tried it first hand.

Customer service was fine-no worries, and I received what I ordered. It just didn't work for me at all. The texture was really sticky and almost chunky. It is like how Crafter's Choice brand Foaming Bath Whip base is before it is whipped and has the oil added. It just didn't work at all. I got it for 40% off though and for only $2.14 shipping, so I am not going to complain.

I am currently waiting for Eau de Parfum roll ons from Isle of Eden. Here is what I ordered: Verge of Love (mocha, vanilla pods, sugar milk, dark chocolate and sugar coconut), Waffle Cone Explosion (waffle cone, butter brickle ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, whipped cream), Haunted Ballroom (Pink Sugar, gardenia, vanilla and Valencia orange), Caramel Beach (caramel, toasted coconut and brown sugar), Haute Couture Cake (peach, vanilla, sugar wafer, peach mousse, fresh peaches on vanilla cake), and Virgin Island Banana Cake (ripe bananas, demerara sugar, warm caramel, vanilla and Caribbean frosting).

These were all 40% and shipping was on sale for only a buck! 2 of the items have been shipped and are set to arrive tomorrow. I am eager to try them! The others will most likely be here in a couple weeks. Turnaround time is about 4-5 weeks. My first order took 4 weeks, this one which was just shipped took 1 month and 2 days to ship. I am getting order #7598 tomorrow (placed March 13th), and am still awaiting #8197 and #8198 (placed April 7th).

I am also awaiting an order from Red, White and Blue Bonnet on eBay. I have heard some positive things about her and I am in need of bath bombs. Nick and Ben enjoy bath bombs in the tub, so I let them choose a couple by looking at pictures on the screen of the computer. Here is what I ordered:

Bath Bombs: Birthday Cake, Pink Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Noel, Carnivale, Creme Brulee, and Bamboo Sugarcane.

Bubble Bars:
Wedding Cake, But for Grace, Matin Calin

Updated Friday:

You know how much I love the natural deodorant from Spa Therapy Works. I am currently using the Brown Sugar Almond and have been lemming the Pink Cupcake deodorant stick. I just ordered it this morning!

Another lemming was another scrub from Sue at Mad City Soap on Etsy. I have completely cleaned out an 8 ounce and a 15 ounce container (in a week each, embarassing!) because it is so wonderful. This morning I ordered a scrub with Lemon Meringue and Italian Cream Cake.

Two other lemmings to fulfill....and I think I will do so this weekend!

Those are trying Aloha Coconut for the first time (paraben-free!) for some body wash and also shopping again with Sharonn from Crater Lake Company.