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I'm Mad About Sue!

If you read my blog, you'll know how much I loved my Whipped Sugar Scrub in Italian Cream Cake from Mad City Soap.

I loved it so much I finished my 8 ounce jar in 7 baths.

Last week I ordered Sue's 15 ounce scrub in 3 scents: Italian Cream Cake, Sweet Madeleine, and Sue's Gourmet Cookies.

Let me first say that Sue's customer service is always top-notch. I sent her a convo through Etsy to let her know that I didn't care how or if it was colored or layered. I don't care as long as the product is wonderful, and I know her scrub is just that.

She let me know it was fun for her to make them look pretty. I ordered, I believe, on Tuesday. I had my scrub in hand Saturday. Keep in mind this was for a custom product.

My scrub was almost too pretty to use--it reminded me of rainbow sherbet. I had one layer of soft green, one of yellow and one of traditional white.

I am embarrassed to say once again that my scrub is more than half way gone. I think I used even more than before. It's not that I needed to. I am faithful at taking good care of the skin on my body just as I do the skin on my face...It's just that it smells so nice and works so gently that I cannot help myself.

I will say that last night's bath using this scrub was the best because the scents are at their prime since the scrub is truly cured.

Sue included a sample pot of her Soy Souffle in Cake Bake, which smells just like a yellow cake. It has parabens, so I gave it to a friend who hasn't tried this etailer and doesn't mind parabens in her items. It did smell wonderful, though!

If you're looking for a some great paraben-free body items (just check her ingredients, which are listed on her Etsy shop, as some still have them) and want outstanding customer service with fast turnaround time, Sue from Mad City Soap is one of the best out there!