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A Long One...Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps and Crater Lake Company Raves (again...)


If you read my post from the other day, you'll see that I took the plunge and placed an order at Crater Lake Company. I will not give my business to just anyone. I have to thoroughly check out the ingredients. Customer service needs to be wonderful and relatively prompt when it is during the week. One reason I started my own bath and body biz back in 2006 was because of a couple very poor etailer customer service and product quality experiences.

I must say I have been thrilled to pieces with Sharonn's customer service at Crater Lake. As I mentioned, she emailed me right back about the ingredients in her hair products.

I was so impressed that I added 4 shampoos on to my order late last night. They contain sulfates, so these will be gifts. Sharonn noticed I had placed another order. She recalled our e-conversation about ingredients and emailed me to say that they contained sulfates and she knew I was concerned about them. She offered to cancel that order if I didn't want them any longer. She also said that since I had placed two orders 2 days apart that she'd add the totals to make the $35 total required for free shipping. She did not have to do this. It clearly states in her policies section that she doesn't have to add on (many etailers have a similar policy). Her customer care is 1st rate. Like I said before, if her conditioners are as good as I think they will be for my hair, Sharonn will have found herself a lifelong customer.

~I Found a Palm Oil-Free Soaper on Etsy!~

I experienced outstanding etailer customer service today as well! As you all know from my orangutan post, I am on a quest to buy only products without palm oil. This is very hard to do because almost all etailers continue to use palm oil or a blend of palm oil ingredients in their soaps. About 20 minutes ago I sat down here to browse one of my favorite websites, Etsy.

So many wonderful etailers can be found over at Etsy. I found a store, Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps, which has great looking Vegan cold process soaps. I sent her a "convo" (private message in Etsy-speak) and asked if her soaps contained palm oil. She replied within minutes explaining her decision not to use palm oil, which goes along with my feelings mentioned in the Palm Oil blog post. She does not use Palm Oil in ANY of her soaps. I just ordered 3 bars of her soap: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Coffee Chocolate, and Honey Apple Cake (yum!). Her prompt customer service impressed me immediately. Her soaps look wonderful in the pictures on her Etsy page, too! I am eager to try them out!

~Until We Meet Again, Soap Making Supplies...~

While we're on topic of cold process soaps, I had a bittersweet moment recently. If you're a regular blog reader, you know that my husband took over my workshop to work from home. He needed an office completely separate from the rest of our home--a place two toddlers absolutely stay away from. The one place that fit the bill was my workshop--two large private rooms closed away from the main living space. I have made our family's soaps for quite some time--since Nick was a baby with his eczema. He is now 4.

I have no safe place (and I need it to be 100% safe) where I can work with a chemical as caustic as lye at home anymore. I have held on to my soap making supplies--the cookware, utensils, loaves and such...I guess I was hoping I'd someday be able to make soap again. I will at some point--but not for another dozen years or so. There is no sense of holding onto it. I just sold off everything I used to make my soaps. It was like closing the door on something major in my life. In some ways, it was.

Miss Honey Buns was the result of many, many failed batches. I put so many sleepless nights into it and it literally took months before I found the "perfect" recipe, in my eyes. After I closed Flour City Bakery, I received over 50 emails from people who had used Miss Honey Buns wanting to buy any extra bars. I had 3 bath and body etailers offer to buy the recipe. One new etailer contacted me and has recreated the bar so that I have been told it's very, very similar--although I never put palm oil in mine. I parted with some Miss Honey Buns--a friend loves this and I gave her 4 bars. I love that friend very much! I am down in the single digits now. It is hard to believe we have gone through this much soap. I am glad, though.

This soap was the only one that my husband FINALLY traded in his "as long as it's in a multi-pack for under $5 at Target it's a good soap" philosophy for! He uses this, and his skin is no longer dry. If only he'd stop putting Irish Spring on his face...If only my lovely mom with such young, pretty skin would stop playing with fire by using Zest on her face (all those will have to go into my future blog on good genetics, LOL).

Anyone, whenever you close one door on a chapter of your life, you welcome an even better one :)