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Crater Lake Company Order...Plotting Next Order!

My Crater Lake Company Order

My Crater Lake Company order arrived on Valentine's Day, along with my Mad City Soap (AKA Mad City Sue) whipped sugar scrub. As my favorite conditioner (Burt's Bees) was running low, I was eager to try Sharonn's True Lustre Conditioner. I ordered it in 3 scents: London Lemon Curd (my most favorite fragrance oil from Scent-Works), Dolce Mocha Biscotti, and a custom blend of Dark Chocolate and Buttercream. I also ordered 4 of her 3-in-1 shampoos/body washes as a gift. I bought Aloha Cake, Dolce Mocha Biscotti, Black Vanilla, and London Lemon Curd. They all smell delicious and true to their names. The shampoos contain sulfates, so I am giving these yummy smelling products to someone whom I know will adore them! I should say three of them, as my husband for some reason took it upon him self to bathe the boys with one of them, LOL.

My first impression upon opening the box: to drop to the ground full of laughter. Not a typical response. You have to understand, though. Sharonn and I were emailing and I mentioned how my mom has gorgeous skin, looks much younger than her age and that her holy grail facial product is her trusty bar of Zest (you know..."you're not fully clean 'til you're zestfully clean). I have managed to convert her to my own facial items, with the exception of the be all and end all of facial care--the Zest.

As soon as I opened my box, I encountered a newly boxed bar of Zest. Sharonn truly has a sense of humor, and this was a zinger! Underneath the Zest was her cute note and a box full of scented goodies for moi. Everything smelled divine. The only one that I thought needed to cure a bit was my Dolci Mocha Biscotti. Know that this is typical with all handmade items, though!

First thing Friday morning I washed my hair with Burt's Bees Raspberry Brazil Nut Shampoo. I followed with the Dolce Mocha Biscotti conditioner. It smelled light and bloomed into the rich scent of biscotti within seconds. This is a keeper, for sure! The mocha biscotti scent also blended well with my shampoo and my hair smelled like berry mocha biscotti when using the Burt's shampoo first.

I have since used the other conditioners, and love them to pieces. My hair, which has been in much better condition since I quit sulfates and silicones (and parabens) over a year ago, still benefited! My hair has a nice shine which lasts through the day. The scent in the conditioners lingers on and on.

Customer service at Crater Lake Company is excellent. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, this was my first etailer order (other than tea and paper/scrapbooking supplies) in a couple of years. It could not have been better! Through my one wonderful experience, I will undoubtedly be a CLC customer for years to come. I should also mention--free samples--WOW! Sharonn applied a heavy hand while dolling out the samples. She even took it upon herself to make me a body cream in the same custom scent she did for my conditioner. Smells divine, once again. I am sharing the other samples with some of my bath-happy friends! If I could rate my CLC experience on a scale of 1-10, it'd be about a 22.

Mad for my new scrub!

My Mad City Soap (she is Mad City Sue on Etsy) order arrived Valentine's Day as well.
I wanted a whipped sugar scrub free of propylene glycol and parabens and Sue's fit the bill. I ordered her Whipped Sugar Scrub in Italian Cream Cake on a Saturday morning and it was shipped right out. First of all, this is a VERY true scent. I have a fragrance oil by the same name which I make for my own EDP that I use every couple days and this matches it perfectly. Italian Cream Cake is a complex cake scent--not plastic or fake in any way, shape or form. It is a delicate cake with so many notes, from vanilla to coconut. It is just heavenly. I am embarrassed to admit it, but my scrub is gone already. I love it so much that I have used it from the neck down every night in the tub since I got it, massaging it right into my feet as well. It smells so good; it feels even better on my skin. I layer it with the SLS free Avalanche Cake Shea Body Wash from Coconut Hut. It gently sloughs off dead skin cells, while leaving behind moisture (in a non-greasy way). I am usually a salt scrub girl. I usually putter around my kitchen before my bath, mix up some sea salts with EVOO and fragrance and use that.

I think sometimes people don't "get" that etailers are product lovers, too. As much fun as it is to make products for other people, it can feel like "work" to take a relaxing bath if you're making all the fixings for what is supposed to be a relaxing, thought-free bath. Sue's scrub is the perfect texture. I love the ingredients she uses in this scrub because I am strict with myself about what I will and will not use (read earlier posts for my hard search for palm oil free soap). Almost every etail (and retail) scrub on the market has parabens or propylene glycol (some have both, which to me is baffling--I will use stuff still with tiny amounts of propylene glycol but MIXED with a paraben?) or even worse, a toxin as bad as DMDM Hydrantoin. This scrub has a very luxurious feel. It is ideal for sensitive skin because the sugar granules are quite fine. I am already plotting my next MSC scrub order. I am just going to have to learn to go easier on how much scrub I use...I love scrubs, use them daily--but I get carried away with how much I use when the scrub is as gentle and nourishing as this HG-caliber scrub from Sue!