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Naturals at Crabtree & Evelyn and My New Best Friend

Bravo to Crabtree & Evelyn! Their recently launched "Naturals" line is second to none (retail-wise), in my opinion, when it comes to their ingredients!

Naturals from C & E includes a myriad of wholesome ingredients and is sans parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, phlatates, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.

I have tried 4 products now from their line: the Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg and Cardamom Body Butter ($26), Mango Butter & Cranberry Botanical Body Bar ($8), Milk, Soy & Sugar Body Lotion ($20), and the Edamame, Rice & Bamboo In-Shower Moisturizer (currently on sale for half off!).

No other brand I have tried has come close to being as high quality as these in the retail arena.

The body lotion is lightweight, yet nourishing. The scent is very subtle--much like a sugar milk type of scent with a slightly fruity edge. It is VERY overpriced, in my opinion. This is probably because I can make about 3 quarts of my own at this price. That being said, it is a great lotion!

The Body Bar was nice. I have been conserving my last bars of Miss Honey Buns to the best of my ability, and this is the first retail bar I have purchased in many months. The lather was rich, without being a stripping lather. It is loaded with oils and did not strip my winter dry skin of moisture. $8 is steep for a 5 ounce bar, but the bar itself is quite hard and this one is stored in my wooden slotted dish and is lasting a good long time!

I loathe paying too much for products when I know that it does NOT cost anywhere near $26 to make one body butter using the best ingredients out there. Since C & E has had a great sale going on, and since I snagged the In Shower Moisturizer for 50% off, I bought the butter.

I have to say that my old Tree Hut Nut Body Butter is better than this. Granted, Tree Hut has some ingredients I no longer like to use, but that was $3.50 at Target. This is along the lines of The Body Shop Body Butter in terms of its consistency and moisturization. You will get much more nourishment from plain shea butter or mango butter....

I like the scent. It is a warm and creamy spice scent, and the cardamom is not something found at other stores in great abundance. I would not purchase the Body Butter again because there are other options at a much better value.

My favorite of the lot is the Edamame, Rice & Bamboo In Shower Moisturizer. I have been enjoying Rice products from Perlier. The Perlier, while much better than most retailer products in terms of healthful ingredients, still contains ingredients I am trying to avoid. This product from Crabtree & Evelyn, is wonderful. It is rich and soothing, tamed the winter itchies, and has a light and heavenly scent. I am stocking up on these!

So head to and click on "Naturals" while their sale is going on!

I wish they would follow suit and make better choices when it comes to their other products. I am glad they are taking steps in the right direction when it comes to the new Naturals line. Unfortunately, they have a steep mountain to climb in terms of improving the safety of their other products, which are chock full of chemicals.

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