Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy 2008 and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

The holidays were magical in our house, especially with the excited, wide eyes of two toddler boys on Christmas morning! Nick bounded into our room at 6am to announce that Santa had arrived.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy time spent with family and friends. We had a great time, but wish Tom's brother and family could have been with us. As many of you know, Zach (my brother in law) is serving his 2nd tour since 2005 in Iraq--there for an estimated 15 months. I am very much against this war, but would like to remind everyone--regardless of their feelings on the war--that our soldiers need our support.

Things are returning a bit more to normal in this house. Tom is back at work (even if it is only downstairs in his home office) after a vacation, and Nick returned to preschool yesterday.
December was full of colds, fevers, sore throats, etc...and the latest is my bronchitis. At least Tom, Nick and the dog seem fine. Ben seems to be coming down with something yet again.That's what happens when you live in NY during the winter!

I've been enjoying a few weeks off from EVERYTHING--even crafting for fun. I've had an internet vacation, too. This actually has been nice!

When my shop reopens January 10th, you will notice that my selection has been scaled back again. I am only selling candles and tarts. I have lots of new jars coming and will be listing them soon. This will allow me to customize blends rather than offering pre-made only! Look for some great scents to be added to my 100+ scent list soon.

Time, as usual, is my #1 factor for this.

I *will* offer customer requests for repeat buyers. If you've been a long time user of something of mine, you know I am always willing to work with you to accommodate your requests.

The second factor in eliminating ALL bath and body listed regularly on my site is because of my interest in natural bath and beauty, more specifically on the research of product ingredients.

When I owned Flour City Bakery, and even now, I received countless emails asking me to decipher ingredient labels on many retail and etail items. This isfor a couple of different reasons. I have a strong background in the field, having been an esthetician and makeup artist for over a decade, and because of my extensive research on the issue. I will be devoting a great deal of time writing about this issue in a new blog feature which will appear once a week. I will take your questions regarding any retail or etail products, review the claims being made about the product, and then go through the ingredients one by one for you.

Obviously if I still had a business selling my facial care products, body care, soaps, lotions, etc. this would be a conflict of interest. Now that I am not doing bath and body at all, I feel I can be 100% fair researching products and letting you know what's good and bad.

Just as there are many gems retails and etail, there are many stinkers as well.

As a preview, I will discuss a popular retail anti-aging treatment endorsed by a popular celebrity which contains LYE (sodium hydroxide) a key ingredient! I was prompted to research this product after it literally burned the top layer of my stepmother's skin after 2 uses...her skin is still healing 6 weeks later. I will discuss that product this week.

Email me at to ask about your favorite products, or if you just want to know what that 24-letter long ingredient is in your conditioner. I will answer your questions in my blog.