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Some random midnight thoughts..

My friends are always asking me about that I am only making facial care and not bath and body stuff, I am back to buying retail (so much fun) and would like to talk about some of my favorite goodies...

Before I do, I have a couple of other things to talk about-

First off I would like to publicly thank my husband, Tom, for taking over my workspace! You see, I had the finished lower level as my office/workshop...two rooms of bath and body kitchen, cabinets full of oils, boxes full of jars and bottles, etc.

Tom will be working from home beginning in October....same position, just from home, so he has evicted me from my space. This is actually cool because I am going to totally redo the space for him so he has a cool office! I am quite sure he doesn't want a space full of pastels, and I have nixed the sports bar-themed area I know he would really like. It is going to be fresh, bright and modern and that is my latest project. It is one of those tasks I have decided to do, but know I will be working on it until 2am the morning he will need to be in there, LOL.

This is much like the rest of the house. When we moved into this house in 2004, all of the walls were off white. I painted the living room "Pecan Sandie", which lasted for 2 years, and after the holidays I decided to paint it "Nantucket Blue". Tom refuses to paint. I like to feel like I can take on the world, so instead of calling a painter, I decided I would paint it myself. Since 2004, I have painted our bedroom twice, the kitchen twice, dining room 3 times, and both bathrooms (again, twice). I swear they should come out with a paint that is comparable to a slipcover because I change my mind so often!

Anyway, I always have to have the room finished before a major event...Tom and I were going to re-tile the kitchen floor and re-paint it as well. I thought we could do on a Friday night knowing that Nick's birthday party was that Sunday. I painted and Tom helped do the floor tiles. We finished one hour before guests arrived...

Then there is the dining room. I wasn't keen on the sage green anymore, so I deiced two days before Thanksgiving to paint the walls navy blue with all of the trim crisp white. I finsihed that before our overnight guests arrived...just in time!

The living room is huge...I thought I could do it myself while Nick and Ben took naps the day before my brother came to visit. I was doing the trim an hour before he arrived....

I always have the best intentions to budget my time....however, this has always been my weakness. I specifically remember doing a major term paper for my Latin American politics class at 3am when it was due at 9am. Keep in mind I had 3 weeks to finish it...I must say that I do some of my best work when it is a high pressure situation, but each time I swear I will never be in that situation again.

Next "online sisters". Yes, the RP Moms group. If you are reading this, I want to send a big hug your way and tell you how much you all mean to me. Once upon a time in 2003, I came across a message board called American Baby. I was pregnant for the first time and couldn't sleep. I met some great ladies, may also pregnant, the others already had babies. Since 2003, and (some moms even before) a group of us (40+ in our "clique") has been together sharing life's ups and downs and all things related to marriage and motherhood. The first mom I remember getting to know is Holly, mom to a little boy and baby girl....and Angie, who is now in Japan. There are so many of us who have shared so much...happy moments and sad. I know that they were a wonderful source of support in October 2004....

What a bittersweet time: on Saturday afternoon I found out my dad had terminal pancreatic cancer (at 55), and 4 days later I found out I was pregnant with Ben. The moms on that board were always there for me. The close moms, and there are actually 45 of us across the US and even 2 in other countries, have been together on a board I started just for us and I cannot tell you how great it is. We talk often--daily during the week. Many moms have met each other, and next year we plan to meet in Las Vegas sans kids and hubbies for a long weekend.

We are "online sisters forever", and I love all of you!

Now, onto is what I use that I make myself to get that out of the way---mineral finishing powder, mineral bronzer....soap, all facial care and scrubs.

What does a girl use who has been able to try almost everything?

Let's start with makeup. I am a mineral makeup gal. I started with everything Bare Escentuals. Then after much trial and error with other brands, I found Everyday Minerals ( I highly recommend them! I use my own powder, bronzer and rosy blush. I have tried their whole line and love it. I have been using EM for foundation for over a year. I wear the Intensive Formula in Fawn. I also use the Intensive Light Concealer. For other blushes, I like their colors called: Snooze Bar, Email Me, Chit Chat and Morning Cup.

My brows are ALWAYS done with a great brow powder from Bare Escentuals. This is the only product I use from BE now. It is Dark Blonde Medium Brown and it goes on flawlessly and lasts all day! This is a color identical to a pencil brow filler I used to use by Lancome (shade was Taupe), but on a humid day, I could touch my eyebrow and wipe it off (not pretty)!

I am a lip gloss girl on weekends. I make my own. This is fun because I have about 20 metal pots half filled with my experiments trying to get the perfect color...

My holy grail lip gloss is MAC Spite, but I can no longer find it....I don't think they make it, and we don't have MAC here.

I love lip stick--always have! My first lipstick was actually one my stepmother bought for me at the age of 13. It was a Lancome one called Raisin and it was a brush tip pen applicator. I loved that!

I actually do the best with L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick. I wear Mystic Mauve all the time. Bronzine is wonderful for fall! I also like mark. Fresh Kiss lipstick in Kiss Upon a Star, but alas it has been phased out.

I never get rid of lipsticks...I have tubes from college. I do not wear them--some of them smell so "off" I cannot believe I have them in my possession, but I like to go back and see what I was wearing. For example, Gala is a Lancome color I wore when I was freelancing as a junior in college. Looking at it now, all I see is a really unflattering bright rose that I had no business wearing as a 20 year old!

I love bath and body items....when I am buying retail bath and body items, I only buy from 2 brands which have never failed me: Perlier and Burt's Bees.

My love affair with Burt's Bees began when I was pregnant with Nicholas. I decided to go the natural route during pregnancy and bought everything Burt's Bees. My favorite scent of all time is actually Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion. It really doesn't smell anything like milk or honey, but it is a blissfully fresh, yet comforting scent. I could wear this and only this until I am 100 years old. I also use Burt's Bees Shampoo. My favorite is the Green Tea & Fennel shampoo and conditoner because it smells exactly like Lancome Aroma Tonic. I use these 3 days a week. My highlights don't fade nearly as fast and my scalp is super healthy! Also, I am doing myself a favor by avoiding sulfates and parabens!

I have tried all of the BB haircare items and also like the Raspberry & Brazil Nut, although no more than once a week or I find that it weighs my hair down.

I also use the Peppermint Bar Soap from Burt's Bees....I love it. No one can make a peppermint like it--I won't even try to duplicate this because it is perfect!

I also like the Baby Bee line. I have used this on both boys. NOTE: this contains buttermilk, derived from cow's milk. My son had a severe milk allergy until age 2, and when I used this on him, it made his eczema flare up and I immediately had to discontinue use....that is actually when I became so interested in goat's milk because there are hardly any goat's milk allergies out there....

My second most favorite scent EVER is Perlier White Almond. I believe this is impossible to duplicate. I have tried to find a "dupe" of this from oil suppliers and the one I came across smelled nothing like it. It is a unique, mature almond. This doesn't smell at all like your traditional almond cookie or honey almond. It is a lovely, feminine scent. I just love it! Everything from Perlier I have tried has been great. Just watch our for the ingredients, as some contain sulfates. I do like Perlier (and their sister company, Elariia) because they are made in the E.U. where so many evil ingredients are banned. My favorite scents from Perlier/Elariia:


*White Almond
*Chocolate Vanilla (avoid their Dark Chocolate--it smells like milk chocolate)
*Banana (Nick actually loves this)


*Double Latte (a powdery scent--great for babies)
*Mango Coconut Milk
*Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Oil
*Cucumber Mint

This will have to be it for now....I planned to write much more, but time has gotten away from me and I am exhausted!