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My Top 2 Offenders...

Over the past several months to several years, I have become more and more disillusioned and disappointed in certain cosmetics brands due to false claims and contradictory statements, as well as health issues.

There are many offenders, from Avon to Philosophy. My top two are the ones I will discuss at length today.

Today I will talk about Bare Escentuals and Philosophy.

Over the years I have watched BE's CEO, Leslie Blodgett, appear on infomercials and on QVC to sell her amazingly popular line.

Bare Escentuals has some fantastic products--my favorite being Well Rested and the Eye Brow Powder in Dark Blonde-Medium Brown.

What bothers me, and why I will no longer buy from this company, is the misleading information given to millions of viewers, as recently as her appearance this week on QVC.

BE is touted as an "all natural" line. Blodgett was on QVC promoting her products again this week and was talking about the ever popular MINERAL VEIL. Blodgett said that Mineral Veil was all natural and preservative-free. She then made what appeared to be a correction and said that the Veil was not "pure minerals" like the makeup, bu that it was still "free of preservatives".

Mineral Veil contains both methylparaben and propylparaben. These ingredients are preservatives. So Mineral Veil is neither preservative-free nor "all-natural".

What bothers me is that the general viewing public is trusting that these products are as advertised.

I called the 800-number to QVC's testimonial line with the small glimmer of hope that I might speak on the air with Blodgett to inquire about the parabens in Mineral Veil. Once I told the operator what I would be asking, I was told they did not have time for me to ask my question, but that I could "feel free to write".

Since I wrote asking about parabens and the claims of being "all natural" over 1 year ago and haven't heard back, I do not plan to do so again.

I am not saying NOT to buy Bare Escentuals. I am saying that we, as consumers, must educate ourselves if we are truly concerned about what we are putting on our skin and in our bodies.

Now I would like to discuss the brand PHILOSOPHY. I feel much more strongly about NOT buying this brand.

This is a greedy company. They are also hypocrites, in my opinion, when it comes to women's health issues. This company likes to say that they care about women's health. So, they designate certain products as pink ribbon products and say the proceeds will go to worthy foundations supporting breast cancer research. While they may give money away, they still continue to sell unsafe products under the guise that they are wonderful for you--that the products contain healthy ingredients. What they NEGLECT to tell you is that those EXACT products that we all buy to "help women" contain cancer causing ingredients. By buying these "pink ribbon" items and using them, you may be putting ingredients on your skin believed to increase the risk of breast cancer.