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A Posh 'Do....

Never having been a Spice Girls fan, David Beckham fan, etc...I am shocked to be typing something giving mention to them. I think Posh Spice is a publicity-hound and rather odd, but to each her own.

That being said, I am LOVING her new edgy bob.

As someone who has had all lengths of hair, I gravitate toward short hair...I am usually somewhere between a page boy, bob and a pixie.

My pixie, which I got in September, has gotten old and I am growing it out a bit.

I haven't seen a celebrity pic to take to the salon in years that I have loved.

Until now!

Posh's new 'do is a big DO in my book. It's work well for this busy mom on the go who wants an edgy short cut, rather than a Laura Bush 'do (A MAJOR DON'T in my opinion).

Not only will this style be EASY to style, but it'll be easy to grow into given that the back is already cropped closer to her head and the hair on the side of my head framing my face is longer and angled! At my current rate of growth, I can accomplish this cute new 'do by summer's end!