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My Affordable Fashion Finds!

I am not normally a fan of the chain Steve & Barry's when it comes to selection and quality. We have one here and, quite frankly, in the past their items looked like the $10 per item they were selling for.

When I heard Sarah Jessica Parker was launching her own line, Bitten, at S&B I had to take a look.

I first bought 2 Bitten items last month. The first was a sleeveless empire waist emerald green top with white vine-type designs. The top was only $9.98.

The second was a cap sleeved cotton black "perfect fit" tee, quite fitted, but not tiny and adorned with pin-head sized white polka dots. This find was just under 8 bucks.

When you're constantly on the go with two toddlers who may decide to wipe their faces on your shirts at any moment or sling sand on you from the sandbox, you really don't want to spend much when you're with them all day.

I have always loved fashion. Just because you're a stay at home mom does NOT mean you need to wear sweats and spit-up covered tees, a pony tail and no makeup. Why change how you took care of your appearance before you had kids just because you're a mom? Looking good isn't about being vain. It sets an example for your kids that you respect yourself and want to be at your best. My hubby looks good when he goes off to work (and always! He always looks awesome), so why shouldn't I look good, too? My boys always look great, so why shouldn't I?

I always am "put together". I do my hair and makeup every single day. I don't dress "up", but am always stylish in my casual duds. It doesn't take any longer to look nice than to look like a slob. And with the prices at Steve & Barry's, you can look great everyday, not just going out to dinner or out with friend or your husband.

I have now tested those two tops from S&B for a month. I've laundered them, marinara sauce on them, had my son's chocolate pudding rubbed on to them. They have washed well with no fading, pilling or shrinkage. They are no different quality-wise than a top you'd purchase at my most visited shops of the past for casual wear: Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew or Banana Republic.

I can buy 3 tops for the price of one at Steve & Barry's.

Today I decided to go there again since I have been so pleasantly surprised by my other tops. We're going on vacation in a few days and after a recent weight loss, I am in need of some new tops. Her "perfect fit" tees fit me very well--as a large chested woman, the XL fits great. When I like something, I tend to buy several. Today I found a cute tee with horizontal stripes. It fit great, will pack well and be great for roaming museums, the zoo, all the attractions, etc. I bought black/white, denim blue/white, green/white, coral/white....I also bought a deep turquoise top with a cute design at the hem, and did I mention I found an incredibly chic little casual black dress with tiny polka dots (great for a very casual dinner on vacation)?

The damage for the 5 tees and a dress? Under $60! I then went to Target and was looking for the boxers my toddler had to have and found a great pair of red leather kitten heel thongs to go with that black dress--another buy at $6.98.

I just love bargains, and while in the past I would have scoffed at those stores, I am tickled pink to be able to have found great quality casual wear at the mall a mile away and at such bargain prices!

The bottom line is that the Bitten line by SJP is awesome considering everything is under $20--wonderful for moms who don't want to spend a fortune--AND looks great! Check out Steve & Barry's!


Tried Clairol Natural Instincts in SAHARA today to tone down some highlights that came out a bit brighter than this picky mom would have liked. I left it in 10 minutes and the result was toned down blonde highlights, no brass, no dullness, no green! The damage? With a coupon, $3.75!